The revival of Bohemianism – No fuss only frills.

The Bohemian bug has bitten the market and there’s no escaping it. From celebrities sporting the look to lifestyle stores decking up with tribal prints and all sorts of trinkets, this all-pervading trend can be spotted in almost any direction you look, yet it’s awfully tricky to define. What exactly is contemporary bohemian design and why does it lure us so easily?

The answer to that could be, that going Bohemian is utterly easy and comes with absolutely no rules. Unlike any other trend, the Boho style allows you to craft your preferences into your look. From retro prints to fringing, patchwork and knitwear, there are no structures or restraints on colours and patterns that depict the Bohemian style. On the contrary, it’s a representation of the free spirit and a willingness to experiment with anything, be it folksy, floral or floaty.




However the contemporary Bohemian girl isn’t just a free spirited flower child, but in fact a polished, chic and well-groomed fashionista with individualistic thoughts and ideas. She’s the kind of girl who has a taste for adventure and a keen understanding of culture. The Boho look has evolved and so have those who sport it. Designers are now focusing on curating and polishing the look, marking it with sophistication and detailing.

Rooted in the creation of movement, the Boho look can be shaped using varied fabrics and textures with an underlying element of fun. The key words to keep the Boho in the Bohemian are – fun, flair and layer. So if you’re looking at incorporating the Boho look into your lifestyle this season, start with accessories. These are the easiest layers to add to an existing wardrobe. Opt for tassels on bags and boots and throw in a scarf on a breezy day to add an extra layer.




As easy it might sound to create the look, it is also equally easy to go wrong with it. To avoid looking like the dictionary synonym of Bohemian (a drop out and a freak), it is mighty important to practice some restraint. Always remember that Boho is a personal expression and one must only go in for pieces that speak to you personally and enhance your personal story. For this reason, hand crafted products are a thing that exemplify the Bohemian trend by their story telling ability. A well put together Bohemian theme could be explained as a story book with a gripping plot. Each piece holds your attention individually and when put together they complement each other and tell a tale. When the Boho theme is done wrong, it looks cluttered and kitschy, more like a scrapbook than a storybook.

So go ahead and experiment with your wardrobe, but balance it’s romantic elements with uncomplicated basics and play with tassels and fringes.

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