Mystic Bazaar is a refreshing endeavor to encourage and revive the process of crafting by hand and blending traditional art forms with stylized contemporary design for the mindful fashion conscious audience.

At Mystic Bazaar, we showcase handpicked brands and designers who create exquisite fashion and lifestyle products, which are crafted by hand. Setting a unique style statement, screaming artistic yet contemporary genius, each piece narrates its unique story through captivating prints and ethnic expression.

Most of our products are made from hand woven and hand printed fabrics which represent various traditional art forms from across the world. Keeping these dated methods of producing art alive can only be done by incorporating them in the modern day scenario by adding utility to art. We strive to reach out to talented artists and designers working with diverse techniques, and tell their stories, unveiling their craft in front of a larger audience. By upholding flawless, craftsmanship we believe that we enable it to earn the place it warrants in a fashion flamboyant market, flooded with machine made products. What sets our products aside is the thought, love and care that goes into tailoring each piece, making it an inimitable piece of art in a market cluttered with mass produced fashion products.

Conceived and developed by Shilpa Negi, Mystic Bazaar is an expression of her journey from India to Australia, where she has been living with her husband since 2013. Her roots are set in a country bustling with tradition, where handcrafting is a common way of life, while the life she has built for herself is centered around international exposure to trends. Bringing the two together was perhaps inevitable for her.