What we love about October is how the brand has seamlessly stitched yesterday & tomorrow together for today. Their enthusiasm for innovative design and impeccable finishing is evident in their products which range from bags and luxury accessories to little nitpicks and home décor.



What we love about the brand apart from its technique of block printing is it’s detailed process of handcrafting, which lends character to each of their products. While evolving with its roots dug deep in tradition it is no wonder that Aparupa, a textile design graduate from Kolkata, the melting pot for tradition and modernity brought SYU to life.



What we love about Paint fashion is that they use diverse hand crafting techniques like weaving, embroidery, riveting, quilting and etching which breaks the monotony in their collection and makes each product stand out.



What we love about Sugar Mint is the simplicity with which these traditional art forms are given a contemporary twist for everyday use. Their huge variety of individually curated products accentuates value to each piece, making it an exclusive piece of art.